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Mednarodna ekipa (za slovensko predstavitev kliknite sem)

MA1Mary Alice Arthur (New Zealand)
Mary Alice is a Story Activist, specialising in using story in service of positive systemic shift and to access and create collective intelligence on critical issues. Her art is creating and hosting spaces for people to come together, share their stories and experiences and create wise action.  As an Art of Hosting Steward, she supports people to build the skills and capacities for collaboration and participatory leadership and works internationally with organisations, teams and communities. She is also an intentional nomad, living and working all over the world.

Mary-Alice Arthur (Nova Zelandija) je ena najbolj izkušenih procesnih moderatork in starešin mreže Art of Hosting; podobne procese opolnompočenja dežel je že vodila na  Danskem  ter na Novi Zelandiji.

RiaRia Baeck (Belgium)
Ria is fascinated by communities – in work and in daily life – and how we can make them work. She is a self-employed psychotherapist who combines deep compassion, bodily awareness and a lust for life. Her focus is always on the here-and-now; doing the action right now instead of talking about it. She founded Vitis whose core purpose is to bring deep transformation in individuals, organisations and society. Ria is a coach with a lot of experience in individual and group work. She initiated different new forms of collaboration on the edge of community and collective leadership.

Ria Baeck (Belgija) je ena od “babic” mreže Art of Hosting ter soavtorica procesa ProAction Cafe, ki generira moč skupnosti za razvijanje konkretnih projektov in pobud.

marjeta 320 x 240 pixelsMarjeta Novak (Slovenia)
Marjeta has been working in the area of organisational, team and personal development since 2002, specialising in cultural competence and collaborative group processes. She enjoys hosting spaces where people of diverse backgrounds (cultural, departmental, cognitive, generational …) engage in real dialogue, exploring and building on their personal as well as group strengths in order to co-create the solutions they are committed to implement.  She loves those moments of magic when people reconnect with their deepest hopes for themselves, for one another, and for the greater whole – entering the sphere of possibility and power together.

Marjeta Novak, izkušena moderatorka in navdušenka nad sodelovalnimi procesi, v teh kriznih časih še izraziteje vidi neskončne potenciale sLOVEnije.

RobertRobert Krzisnik (Slovenia) has been working as a team coach, trainer, mediator and group process facilitator/host for 25 years, in a wide spectrum of environments: corporate, educational, NGO’s, inter­ethnic conflict zones. His background is in psychology and psychotherapy; for 12 years, he had his own psychotherapeutic practice. He is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication – an empathy-based approach that fuels all of his work and interactions. Robert’s main mission in life is to bring together individuals and groups who haven’t been able to connect and communicate effectively for years or even decades.

Robert Kržišnik v projekt prinaša izjemno pozitivne izkušnje preseganja hierarhičnih in spodbujanja soustvarjalnih odnosov v slovenskih podjetjih in organizacijah (ja, se da!).

NVNatalija Vrhunc (Slovenia)
Natalija has been working as an environmental consultant and project leader in various state, municipality and private projects.  For more then 10 years she has been working paralelly as group process facilitator/host. Her facilitation orientation lately has been in dialogue and circle, as platforms for participatory leadership, deep connection and meaningful conversations in groups. For eight years she has served as secretary  and then president of the Slovenian Association of Facilitators. She is a great admirer of nature and people.

Natalijo Vrhunc je kriza spodbudila, da reče adijo vedno bolj negotovi redni zaposlitvi ter se posveti moderiranju sosutarjalnih procesov, ki prebujajo skupinsko modrost in vodijo k usklajenim rešitvam.

NinaNina Nisar (Germany)
Nina is a process designer and dialogue host. She has been co-creating and hosting processes and inspired spaces for dialogue for the last 10 years, working with collaboration, collective intelligence, creativity and the power of what emerges from meaningful authentic connections. Her engagement has been mainly in multistakeholder processes, peace and conflict transformation work and community building, partnering with foundations, NGOs, political sector and enterprises in Europe, Middle East and India. Nina’s focus is to create space for people who deeply care and intend to learn, explore and evolve together, and through that find ways forward together, individually and collectively.

Nina Nisar (Nemčija) je procesna dizajnerka in specialistka za dialog.

AnnaAnna Hanschmidt (Germany)
Anna is a Knowmad.
After finishing high school she decided studying one of the oldest subject at the university of life: curiosity. These studies took her for 1,5 years to El Alto, Bolivia. In this city, 4200m above sea level, she specialized her study in the field of  theater and social work with kids and teenagers. As time passes by Anna noticed in Summer 2011 that it´s about time to be on the road again. So she crossed the ocean and spent some time of re/new- dream her life  in Berlin. Anna is passionatelly exploring the power of storytelling in community in finding our individual and collective ways forward.

Anna Hanschmidt (Nemčija) je diplomantka alternativne poslovne šole Knowmads, ki vzgaja agente sprememb.

Stik:; GSM +386 40 620 427 (Marjeta Novak)


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